Spring cleaning is the buzzword every March, but what about summer cleaning? By now the kids are out of school and there are probably winter coats and extra clutter lying around. The days are longer and the sun is brighter, so why not get organized this summer?

Purge Paper Clutter

Are there kids’ drawings, unopened mail and receipts lying around? Stacks of paper are overwhelming to the eye, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! Get it all under control by creating a mail center in a central area of the home, making it a habit to sort and file your mail daily.

  • Stacked letter trays can move out of the office; they’re perfect for creating a functional spot to sort mail! Label the trays: To Do (bills to pay or RSVP’s to respond to) and File (things to put in your personal files).
  • Invest in a paper shredder for documents you don’t want prying eyes to see.

Store Seasonal Clothes

The blazing summer sun makes woolen socks and turtleneck sweaters moot for the next three months. Why not develop a system for storing out-of-season clothes?

  • Large plastic bins and canvas garment racks are the perfect solutions for storing bulky items. They keep pests away and protect your clothes from the elements.
  • Launder all your winter clothes and be sure they are thoroughly dried before packing them away. A dryer sheet or two will keep them smelling fresh.

Get Rid of Cluttered Surfaces

Tabletops and counters are clutter’s BFF, so separate the two by clearing all surfaces. This can seem daunting, especially if there is a lot, but going room-by-room can make it easier.

  • You might be amazed at what you can get rid of. Purge all your clutter and ask yourself: Is this worth keeping?
  • This includes toys. Your kids will probably never miss half of their toys if you get rid of them, so be sneaky and donate some of their extras.

Decluttering is a job, but it’s such a satisfying one. Get your home organized for a relaxing, stress-free summer.